Thursday, 21 September 2017

Conal Dodds:

I had known Dave for many years, but didn’t really work with him much  until Lana Del Rey. I really wanted to promote her from the outset, there was a lot of competition, I rang him up to try and push my case. He said “ Go on then, give me your right pitch now on the phone”. I then heard a funny click on the line and I realised he had put me on speaker phone in the office . Guessing that he had probably gathered a few people around to listen to my verbal squirming I just said “ Fuck off Dave, I know I’m on speakerphone, now talk to me one to one and then we might get somewhere.” He then did so, laughed, and something then seemed to click with us, and we always got on well after that.  He was very direct, very straight talking and I always liked that, and I know that underneath the occasional brashness and ebullience he was a genuine sincere family man  - and he certainly did a sterling job for his artists. I liked him a lot and will miss working with him. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Rufus Wainwright:

So sad upon hearing of the death of Dave Chumbley. He was a fabulous agent and good friend, in fact, I worked with him from the beginning of my career therefore dubbing him my longest lasting colleague in the music business.  From strange Soho basements to the Albert Hall, via the most beautiful halls of Europe and finally the main stage at Glastonbury, we made it! And always such a blast. He will be missed. 
Howard Corner:

Much love, always XX

Phil Rodriguez: 
I was in London about 3 years ago and went for a lovely lunch with Dave.   
During the lunch, he told me that in his house in AndalucĂ­a he had a bunch of olive trees growing which produced great olive oil.  The only problem was that he wasn’t there full time to take care of the trees and even less to produce the oil so he arranged with his neighbor to care of the trees and he could keep all the oil produced after giving Dave 50 liters for his yearly personal use.
I told Dave that io loved olive oil and used it all the time.
That night when I returned to my hotel from a day of meetings a half liter bottle of Dave’s olive oil was waiting for me at the concierge.
From that day on, every time I was in London Dave would send to my hotel a half liter bottle of his oil.
I still have some left from when I last saw him in March of this year.
When I heard the sad news about Dave I had a glass of red wine and some bread with his olive oil.
Dave, thank you for your friendship throughout the years and the olive oil!
You will be sorely missed.

Sue CollierSo incredibly sad to hear the news in August of the passing of the lovely Dave Chumbley. Dave was always a supporter of regional Promoter's and his warmth, humour and generosity was always felt even in the shrewdest of business dealings. We were allies together through many Rufus Wainwright tours and his beaming personality was always a welcome sight backstage as we enjoyed many a potty mouth swear off together. When Daves number would flash up on my phone I would already be smiling before answering it.
Robert Grima:


I am sending this great picture we took at the Brits 2 or 3 years ago. 

I knew Dave from many many years ago, since my very early days with his bands New Model Army and Toy Dolls. 

He always loved our country and everybody in our team was so delighted when he was coming around to the shitty shows we are doing with his bands in the middle of nowhere in Spain. 

He loved it so much that he and Rom ended up spending much time in Iznajar, in the middle ln nowhere in Spain. 

No matter where we were that he was always the greatest, in great mood and always generous. Always fun, but as a professional, whenever he needed to tweak things, he would be straight, and he was right. 

I do remember (well, I don't to be honest) some nights in Austin where I used to eat chocolate inside his closed closet in his hotel room and other memorable nights.

You have been always such a big heart my friend and I send you a huge hug and countless blessings and thanks for being part of my life. 
It is a shame you had to cancel your trip to Cadiz this September, it would have been really fun. 

I'll find you sometime and share a beer in the middle of nowhere. 

Much love.